Study English News for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels plus English Proficiency Test and Grammar


Study English News is a useful site for learning English by reading the news. Every day the site is updated with new content for beginner, intermediate and advanced English learners. Bascially, the same article is taken and written in three different ways to properly match the reading and vocabulary skills of these three levels. It's great!

The site also has an English proficiency test and grammar files. The latter provides the basics for many important English grammar points including present simple, possessive pronouns, adverbs and adverbs of frequency, comparatives, superlatives, present continuous, past simple, past simple irregular, future, 1st conditional, present perfect, past continuous, phrasal verbs, 2nd conditional and 3rd conditional.

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Study English News is for anyone who wants to enjoy learning English. Read our interactive news articles, and resolve your grammar problems with our grammar files.

Use this site for fun, to study for exams or practise for important conferences. Visit us once a day and watch your English improve!

Study English News è un sito interattivo scritto tutto in inglese che ti permette di leggere le ulitime notizie in inglese al tuo livello. Clicca sulle parole che non conosci per ricevere subito una definizione. Visitaci ogni giorno e guarda come tuo inglese verrà migliorato!

Study English News est un site interactif entièrement rédigé en anglais qui vous permet de lire les dernières actualités à votre niveau d'anglais. Cliquez sur les mots que vous ne connaissez pas afin d'en lire la définition.

Study English News es un sitio web interactivo escrito todo en ingles que te permite leer las últimas noticias en tu nivel de inglés. Haz clic sobre la palabra que no conoces para ver su tradución.

Study English News 是個全新的互動網站,讓你依個人程度閱讀新聞。 點選反白的生字以獲取簡單易懂的解釋。

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