Download + Stream Beginner Finnish Textbook Audio Lessons Online for Free

Solid intro for beginner Finnish learners

The Colloquial Language series is a great way to get a complete introduction to the Finnish language for total beginners. I have used these books to start learning several languages and found them super relevant and up-to-date in regards to technology, modern language usage and teaching methodology.

Now the Finnish audio lessons are free!

Recently, Colloquial Language has raised the bar yet again by offering all of the companion audio for their beginner Finnish textbook for free online! (It used to cost quite a bit extra to get the CDs along with the textbook.)

Now you can simply head over to the Colloquial Finnish mini-site and download or stream the audio lessons instantly.

But wait!

It's awesome that this audio is available for free on its own but it will be most helpful to Finnish learners when accompanied by the textbook: Colloquial Finnish Textbook (US) and Colloquial Finnish Textbook (UK).

Using both the text and the audio together is definitely the best way to get the most out of the Colloquial Finnish series!

Why choose Colloquial Finnish?

Colloquial Finnish is a complete course for beginner learners which has been carefully developed by an experienced teacher in order to give you a step-by-step intro to the Finnish language as it is spoken and written today.

This text and audio combine clear and practical lessons with solid methodology to give you the essential skills to communicate effectively and confidently in Finnish across a wide range of situations. You need not have prior knowledge of this language in order to use this textbook.

An exceptional introductory Finnish course, Colloquial Finnish presents materials in a logical progression that builds a solid foundation in spoken and written Finnish.

I particularly like the compact size of the book which makes it easy to travel with. Don't let the small package fool you, though, this text is overflowing with awesome content to get you speaking and reading Finnish super fast.

Buy the Colloquial Finnish textbook here

To buy the book on Amazon, click the link for your area: Colloquial Finnish Textbook (US) and Colloquial Finnish Textbook (UK)

Get the free Colloquial Finnish audio here

Once you've bought the book using the appropriate link above, head over here to download or stream the Finnish audio materials that accompany it!