Learn Finnish Vocabulary + Travel Phrases for Free

Learn Finnish Vocabulary + Travel Phrases for Free
Learn Finnish Vocabulary + Travel Phrases for Free

Free Finnish Vocabulary Trainer Online

This free Finnish vocabulary trainer is a cool tool for learning basic to advanced words and includes audio for pronunciation practice.

Like a game... and free

This online service plays like a game and is totally free! No registration is required so you can start learning immediately - simply select the Finnish course you want to learn and go for it.

Levels A1-C1 Finnish vocabulary

The material covered includes Finnish vocabulary for the following levels (by European standard): Beginner A1, Elementary A2, Lower Intermediate B1, Upper Intermediate B2 and Advanced C1.

Get comfy with basic phrases

Also included for free are lessons on Finnish travel phrases, covering the basics from eating and getting around to handling emergencies and going out at night.

Customize your learning experience

There are plenty of ways to customize your Finnish learning experience through the interface with multifarious options, such as Superlearning Mode and Quiz Mode, Learning Plan, custom flashcards and more.

Useful for teachers + students

Finnish language educators and teachers can easily send students to this free online resource to practice and learn vocabulary specific to existing language qualification exams.

Book Finnish language study abroad

The creators of this free online Finnish vocab trainer, Language Course, S.L., also offer a quick and easy online way to locate and book study abroad courses around the world. Read our review of their study abroad booking service.

Free Language Coaching

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Employ tools + tricks for worry-free memory

Actually have fun + speak with people fearlessly

Shape the entire experience to your needs


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