Deutche Welle's Free German Course Online

Free German Course from Deutche Welle

It has been quite some time (back in 2006!) since we originally wrote about a couple of Deutsche Welle's German learning resources, and much has changed since. So much, in fact, that it's time for another write-up of their free online German course and multimedia learning materials.

Using the European Framework and covering Levels A1 to C, Deutche Welle has updated and expanded their very useful website for German learners. You'll find audio, video and written lesson material, and there is always fresh content flowing through the website. This is great for keeping up to date with news, cultural insights and more while learning German.

Also available is a placement test (so you know where to get started), a community to interact with other German learners, s learning-based soap opera, a German dialect atlas, loads of cultural program and much more.

Finally, Deutche Welle has also created a special section for German teachers to locate interesting content for their students, as well as suggestions for lesson planning, course design and, yes, even more.

Vielen Dank, Deutche Welle :)