Free "Real Life" German Language Learning Videos with Bilingual Subtitles (English and German)

Free German Language Learning Videos with a Twist

Easy German is a fresh and fun German language education concept that provides you with free videos of real life German.

All videos include German and German subtitles so you can follow along with the interviews and improve your listening and reading skills simultaneously.

Watch, read along and learn as the Easy German team hits the streets to interview people in German on a growing variety of topics.

All for free!

Why Easy German is Useful

Learning German with videos is already cool, but these fun mini-films pack in a lot of real life German as it is spoken by native speakers in the streets. You get to see and hear people using German as used everyday, taking you out of textbooks and set courses and into the lives of real speakers.

The addition of subtitles in German and German makes the videos incredibly accessible to learners of all levels, from total beginners who want to real life exposure from day one to functionally fluent speakers working to keep up their German chops.

An Easy Languages Project

German is just one of the many languages available from the good folks at Easy Languages.

Thank you, Easy Languages, for this awesome twist on German language learning!