Michel Thomas German iPhone App

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German girl on an iPhone in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany
Michel Thomas German iPhone App

"Learn another language the way you learned your own"

The Michel Thomas Method of language learning is one of the longstanding players in the audio world of language self-education.

The recorded German course is guided by Michel Thomas himself. Newer versions and languages are guided by instructors trained by MT.

The gist of the MTM

The gist of the original method as conceived by Michel Thomas is that you learn by listening to the teacher, who takes on the responsibility for your learning. There is a focus on not stressing or worrying about learning and instead on just being guided by the teaching itself and picking up German as a result of continued exposure.

The MT way of learning touts "no homework, no writing and no memorizing".

Enter apps + Mobile Michel Thomas for German

Now it is possible to gain partial access to the Michel Thomas German materials for free on your iPhone.

First hour of instruction for free

This app gives you the first hour of instruction for free, then charges for additional hours.

If you like the way it works, you can purchase additional hours.

More info about the Michel Thomas Method

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