A Flavor of German is a series of free brief podcasts by Radio Lingua Network that teach useful German idiomatic expressions. Lessons already exist with idioms for such concepts as weather, time, colors and being tired, with more episodes coming fortnightly.

The free audio lessons are good, and if you would like transcripts of the lessons plus additional materials, you can purchase the whole series from Radio Lingua for about $15 USD.

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We're delighted to introduce the latest series in the range of language learning materials from the Radio Lingua Network. A Flavour of German will help you to 'spice up your German' by teaching you idiomatic German phrases and helping to increase your range of expression. In the show the tables are turned on Coffee Break Spanish teacher Mark, who is aiming to improve his German, ably assisted by teacher Julia from One Minute German. Join Julia and Mark in fortnightly episodes and spice up your German with Radio Lingua.

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