Hebrew Podcasts is a fresh new podcast resource for Hebrew learners. Currently, there are six lessons for beginner Hebrew learners on topics ranging from asking directions, school, alphabet, telling time and a family visit. Thus far, the lessons have been fairly consistent with about one new lesson every week and a half, and the quality of the production is good.

These podcasts are available for free, and there is a membership option for learners who want all of the transcripts and additional information and exercises.

It's great to see Hebrew podcasts emerging!

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Hebrew Podcasts makes learning conversational Hebrew practical and enjoyable. Each podcast covers a topic with a Hebrew dialog that is explained in detail. You can learn at your leisure and on the go by listening while you rest, travel, or do your chores. Each lesson is further enhanced by a lesson guide that provides further information. The guide includes a full transcript, translation, explanations, additional examples, and exercises.



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