From the site:

"This site is geared toward students at the beginning and intermediate level. It includes several sections:

1. Stories – mostly popular stories from the Panchatantra, retold by members of the South Asian community in New York City, collected by students from the Hindi classes at NYU. Every story has a series of pictures depicting major events from the plot, as well as a basic glossary list and the text of the story in audio and script. In addition, every picture has an additional audio file, which contains a loose description of the image and a small text file related to it.

2. Reference Grammar – including explanation and illustration of the most basic grammar of the Hindi language.

3. Exercises – intended as a student workbook for practice.

4. Student Projects and Work

5. South Asian Community Feature Magazine

6. Links to useful Hindi language-related sites"


There is a whole lot of really good content here. Stories with audio and visuals, videos, grammar, exercises and more. The site is very easy to navigate and has a clean feel.

This is top notch site for learning Hindi online... for free!

Visit Virtual Hindi from NYU.