Video: Overview of the Indonesian Language aka Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian language overview video

The lowdown on Indonesian

In this video, Paul gives a great overview of Indonesian including its history, where it is spoken (global distribution), the evolution of its writing system, an overview of how the language works, what other languages have influenced it, what regional varieties exist and much more.

Paul includes example samples of the Indonesian language to illustrate the main points of how the language works - super helpful for folks just getting started or general language geeks like me.

Words from the videographer

[This] video is all about the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia), its history and development, its features, and its colloquial varieties called Bahasa Gaul.

Fun facts about Indonesian speakers

Indonesian is the spoken by 198 million people in total but only around 22 million of them speak it as their first language because it has been the lingua franca of the Indonesian archipelago for centuries.

About LangFocus

I've been a big fan of the LangFocus YouTube channel for quite some time now.

I visit it regularly to deepen my knowledge about languages in general - the videos are both academic and entertaining, a great combo!

The LangFocus creator, Paul, hails from Canada and is a language lover and polyglot who has created a wide variety of videos about languages and language learning. His work is supported by his listeners via Patreon.

Paul @langfocus you rock!

Keep up the goods :) I want to interview you for my podcast!

Were you looking for Malay?

Indonesian and Malay are both in the same language family - check out the video about the Malay language here.