This resource is no longer available, unfortunately. I have left this article here for archive purposes and removed it from the Irish sections of the site. If you showed up here, it must have been directly from a search engine. I recommend checking out the Learn Irish Magazine to discover current ways to learn the language.


Talk Irish has recently launched as a free Irish audio flashcard service. also provides daily Irish Gaelic vocabulary emails. You can also become active in the growing forum.

Great job to the Irish Clan behind this project!

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Free Irish Podcast and Flashcard Service Launched

Focal an Lae helps you learn Irish one word at a time. Every day, we'll post a new Irish word and sentence, with supporting Irish flashcards and audio. Download the audio to your PC or iPod so you can practice your Irish offline. Download the flashcards to your PC, mobile or iPod to learn Irish on the go. Try out your Irish by participating at our blog.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding more features to help you learn Irish – we've got a great free audio dictionary, games and quizzes almost ready for launch.

And remember, we've got a great forum and social network for you to join, so you can make friends and practice your Irish no matter where you are.

Join the clan today!

Talk Irish is a place where learners, speakers and teachers of Irish all over the world can get together to learn, share and teach Irish.

If you want to help our project, you can take part in forum discussions and upload resources like documents, audio or video files. If you want to share your language expertise, let us know how you can help. If you want more information about what we do, please contact us.

Talk Irish was recently awarded with a place on the 2009 Courvoisier Future 500 list of innovative business brains and creative talent – signifying passion and determination to succeed in the future. Want to know who we are? Meet the people who've put everything together.

Michelle Gallen
Irish language lover and learner, Michelle’s the creative genius and driving force behind Talk Irish. She’s an e-learning geek – check out her blog.

Gearóid Mac Eoin
Irish language translator Gearóid recently joined the Talk Irish team. He teaches Irish and is a recent graduate of the MA in Modern Irish Translation Studies, QUB.

Seán Ó Durois
Irish language educational consultant and generous volunteer, Seán brought much of the Focal an Lae service to life. Seán's also a graduate of the MA in Modern Irish Translation Studies, QUB.

Mehdi El Gueddari
Mehdi's not from Ireland. In fact, we're pretty sure there's no Irish blood at all in our French-Moroccan software engineer. Mehdi might not be fluent in Irish, but he is fluent in C#, XML, HTML and CSS - and these are the languages that bring you Talk Irish.

Talk Irish would like to thank Ultach not only for a grant that has enabled us to hire a part-time Irish language translator, but also for invaluable support, guidance and advice.