Learn Basic Italian Online or Offline with 100 Free Audio Lessons for Web, iOS + Android

50Languages Italian (Web/Android/iOS) offers 100 free lessons that provide beginners with the basic vocabulary necessary to get ahead in Italian. These lessons correspond with the European levels A1 and A2 and require no prior knowledge of grammar! The idea is to get you comfortable speaking short sentences in real-world situations.

Learn complete sentences in Italian using the latest memory research

The 50Language's system helps you speak in complete sentences from the start and applies the latest memory research to be sure you acquire the language effectively. The system is designed to get you familiar with the Italian language for life's most common situations.

100 free audio lessons with a native Italian speaker

50Languages offers you one hundred totally free audio lessons to get the basics of Italian down pat. The recordings are made by a native speaker so you can be sure to get the accent right and train your ear to hear the sounds correctly.

Combine audio with text to learn Italian

Book2 in English for Italian learners (US/UK/CA) is available for purchase to go along with the free audio lessons.

Learn the Italian alphabet, numbers and basic vocabulary

Included among the many things you can learn with this system are the Italian alphabet, numbers and basic vocabulary broken down into forty-two topics.

Download 100 free Italian MP3 audio lessons

Downloadable Italian MP3 lessons are available for free from 50Languages here.

These lessons accompany the book but can be used alone as well as in combination with any of the other 49 languages offered.

Accompanying Italian text available for purchase

An accompanying text, Book2 in English for Italian learners (US/UK/CA), can be purchased to go along with the audio lessons in the app to enhance input. More info about this can be found right here.

Language goodness in 2000+ combinations!

The 50Languages app and the Book2 texts are not just for Italian as you can combine any of the fifty available languages with any of the others, making a whopping total of over 2,000 language combinations. This is especially of interest to folks who want to learn other languages directly from their native language.

Happy Italian learning!