Learn Italian Vocabulary on iPhone and Android with the Word Bucket App

Learn Italian Vocabulary on iPhone and Android with the Word Bucket App

Android and iPhone App for Learning Italian Vocabulary

Word Bucket is an app for both iPhone and Android that allows Italian learners to easily find, save and learn new vocabulary. It's quite handy on the go and to make idle moments with your phone turn into productive study time.

The app allows Italian learners to easily save unknown vocabulary words from a built-in Italian dictionary and then study, learn and then test yourself until you are familiar with the new terms. You can evaluate your progress right inside the app and know where you stand regarding your learning goals.

Word Bucket contains a variety of games and tests for learning and memory retention, making it a fun way to approach the daunting task of acquiring key vocabulary in Italian. The app is also useful for advanced Italian learners as you can choose any of the words in the included dictionary, many of which you may not even know in your native tongue.

Also integrated in this app is a sharing function for community learning.

There is a free version of the app as well as a paid version with extra features.

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