From the site:

"Easy as 1,2,and 3. Listen and repeat along the podcasts anywhere, anytime. Login to your account. Read the transcript, listen again, and take the quiz. How easier can it get?

Fast - A few minutes a day, every day, and in no time you'll speak Italian. As we say on the podcasts, "5 minutes a day CAN make the difference!".

Fun - LearnItalianPod's lessons are about real life situations, and use everyday language. You'll learn something that you're going to use, and will not easily forget.

Cost Effective - Effectively learning a foreign language for less than 35 cents per day? Now that's really unheard of... Forget about those expensive classes!

Subscribe to for just $9.95 (USD) per month, and get convenient access to a private subscribers area where you can consolidate, review, and practice what you hear in our podcast lessons!

For each lesson, login to your account, download and practice Dialogue Transcript & Supplementary Vocabulary (in either PDF and MP3 format), take the Interactive Quiz, and be amazed at how fast and well you can learn Italian!"


Indeed, this podcast is great. There is lots of info, it is real and relates to current trends and tendenze. The podcast itself if free, but you can also subscribe for extra stuff like transcriptions of the podcasts, review sheets, practice materials, etc.

Hip. Cool. Handy.

Visit LearnItalianPod.