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Want to learn how to use Sura-Sura Kanji Quizzer? It's easy!

Step 1: Select Kanji

Sura-Sura Kanji Quizzer has hundreds of kanji to display, but usually you'll only want to see a few at a time. Use the Select Kanji section to activate the kanji you'd like to quiz from. If you haven't yet created an account and logged in, you will be given an opportunity to do so.

Several different selection methods are available to help you find the ones you want. You can select by chapter, by difficulty, or by active status. (An active kanji is one that the quizzer might display.) Selecting by active status is useful if you want to activate or deactivate all kanji.

Javascript should be enabled on your web browser for the selection page to work properly. The first time you visit the page, it may take awhile to download all the images, but it will be faster on subsequent visits.

Step 2: Use the Quizzer

The Quizzer section displays kanji from your active list in a random order. Only the information you want to see is displayed. You can move your mouse over the hidden information to reveal it.

If you think you've mastered the displayed kanji, click the "Success" button to deactivate it. (You can always reactivate it later.) If you weren't able to easily remember the hidden information, keep the kanji active by clicking the "Keep Trying" button.

Step 3: Repeat!

Once you've deactivated all your active kanji using the quizzer, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You'll probably want to try again later to make sure that you really know them all.


An excellent site for all of your online Kanji practicing needs, this resource is clean, well-designed and incredibly useful.