From the site:

"Welcome to the Underground Global Japanese Tutorial. Here, you will be able to find numerous ways to learn or continue to study Japanese efficiently. If you are a newcomer to the Japanese language, it may appear difficult on the surface, but you will likely come to see that Japanese is not only not that complicated when broken down, but also that it is a fun language to learn. If you have already begun to learn Japanese, then this site may also come in handy for future reference. Hopefully, this page will be able to aid you in your efforts, regardless to whether you are a beginner, an intermediate speaker, or an advanced speaker. I myself have been a self-taught student of Japanese since 1999; therefore, it is possible that this tutorial may be imperfect. Although I am not an expert on the Japanese language or a native speaker, I do feel that this tutorial will prove very helpful for other learners of Japanese much like me."


This website has some very helpful basic information about the Japanese language. Of special note are the resources for learning Japanese Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana, as well as information about Japanese verb conjugations and sentence structure (syntax).

Also helpful are the audio samples of a conversation, which allow beginners to get a feeling for what the language sounds like.

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