From the site:

KBS WORLD Radio, the voice of Korea, is the nation's sole foreign language promotional broadcast of Korea for the entire world. Its maiden transmission was aired in a 15-minute English broadcast back in August 15th, 1953 under the station name "The Voice of Free Korea". KBS WORLD Radio now broadcasts in Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic and German as well, for a total of 11 languages. The station was renamed "Radio Korea" in March 1973, and again renamed 'Radio Korea International', in August 1994, in a bid to better reflect the station's increasingly globalized mission.


This is an excellent resource for learning Korean. KBS has done a great web tutorial for Korean learners, complete with clear lessons, audio and practical things to know.

They have sections on understanding the Korean language, upon arrival in Korea and living in Korea, with such topics as airport lingo, basic conversational, at the post office, in a restaurant, in a subway, renting a car, going shopping, discussing the weather, hobbies and plenty more.

Visit Let's Learn Korean.