Learn to Read + Speak Korean Super Fast

Transform your approach to learning Korean

A shortcut for learning to read the Korean language exists and will totally transform the way you approach the language.

Thousands of people have learned to read Korean in an hour and a half!

You, too, can learn to read Korean really quickly :)

Did you know that Korean is actually great for rapid language learning?

I didn’t either, until I came across 90DayKorean and their free90 Minute Challenge which guides you through learning to read the Korean alphabet - Hangeul - in just 90 minutes.

Why so fast?

Korean has fewer characters than there are letters in the English alphabet! (Chinese and Japanese, for example, have thousands and thousands of characters.)

Additionally, the language's grammar is accessible by learning a few basic rules.

These two things plus much more which you will learn about from the free PDF download on learning the Korean alphabet in 90 minutes make Korean a language you can learn quickly.

(To get the free PDF, just follow the link above, insert your email and immediately receive this free Korean language learning guide. It sounds crazy, but you'll know the Korean alphabet in less time than you’d spend watching a film!)

What makes 90DayKorean so special?

A team dedicated to Korean alone

First of all, 90DayKorean is dedicated to making their fast Korean learning system super effective and they focus entirely on Korean alone.

Psychological techniques for quick memorization

90DayKorean makes use of psychological techniques for rapid encoding and memorization of Korean characters.

Story-based learning

Included in the instruction are engaging stories which capture your attention and keep you motivated to learn more.

Stories are a massive part of human history - we all have a huge capacity to remember things we heard as part of a story - and they are often the very best and easiest way to remember new information.

Based on the 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle)

By applying the 80/20 Rule to Korean language learning, you cut out a massive amount of busywork and get straight to the core of what is really necessary to know when starting to learn or improving Korean.

(You don’t even need to know what this means because it’s all embedded in the course!)

Custom Korean tutor

You get a tutor who is aware of and dedicated to your specific needs and stays in touch directly via email.

Limited number of spots

In order to provide personalized attention to all students, 90DayKorean limits their course enrollment. This allows the team to work effectively with every student to impact their learning as positively as possible.

Much more

In the next section, I outline how this program works - you’ll discover even more about what makes 90DayKorean super special...

How does 90DayKorean work?

In their words

The Inner Circle is a beginner Korean course that delivers you PDF and mp3 lessons in your inbox every week with only the essential parts of the language, all explained using psychology and stories so you can’t forget them (even if you tried).

My take on it

After experiencing the materials delivered, I was amazed at how sticky the stories were and how easily I could recall the material as a result!

I have to reiterate just how impactful stories can be, the story format ingrains information into our consciousness in a way that no wrote memorization ever could. This phenomenon goes back to early human history and is part of what makes stories live for literally thousands of years.

Highlights of the program

This course has a lot of cool materials and learning tricks to highlight, here are just a few...

Weekly lessons at your own pace

No pressure to be a certain place at a certain time - take the course as you can fit it into your daily routine.

Cool Korean challenges

Make yourself learn faster by taking on different aspects of the course as challenges!

Unlimited direct email support

As mentioned above, you get access to a personal tutor and can email anytime for help with aspects you need a boost on.

Proofreading from native Koreans

Hard to beat real Koreans when it comes to proofreading your writing and catching both common and uncommon mistakes.


Built into the course is a motivational structure that helps you stay in the game.

Regular testing

Testing is built into the course at regular intervals, allowing you to track your progress very effectively.

Wide range of lesson types

Loads of different styles of lessons are included in the course.

FundaMentals are key aspects of Korean you really need to know made easy with mental memorization techniques.

Plug’n’Play Pieces are practical bits of Korean you can learn and use immediately.

80/20 Vocabulary focuses on the absolute most important vocal you need to learn.

Flash Vocabulary covers “Konglish” words that are super easy to learn and help tune pronunciation.

XPress Phrases are highly-relevant phrases you can use right away.

ReadnRight are dialogues and sentences you can use in a wide variety of scenarios.

Pen-to-Paper covers learning the Korean writing system, Hanguel.

Synthesis lessons help test your abilities and put your learning progress in perspective.

AudioBytes are audio files you speak along with for fast encoding of vocabulary and phrases.

Lost Challenges are fun ways to focus on applying practically what you are learning.

Who is this accelerated Korean language course for?

90DayKorean is designed for beginner and intermediate Korean learners. So if you’re just starting out or have some Korean already under your belt, this is for you!

All for way cheaper than traditional courses or lessons!

A huge advantage of 90DayKorean is the fact that you can acquire an amazing amount of Korean language skills all for a fraction of what traditional Korean courses/classes or tutors would cost.

In fact, a whole month of learning will cost you less than you’d pay for just a few hours of Korean tutoring, not to mention the thousands you’d pay for a university or traditional school.

Combined with the flexibility to study any time you want, 90DayKorean is truly an awesome way to get speaking and writing Korean incredibly fast - and to truly remember what you’ve learned for the long run.

Try it out at no risk

90DayKorean offers a solid 30-day money back guarantee. Simply put, if you aren’t totally satisfied for any reason at all, you get your money back with no questions asked.

Try 90DayKorean now at no risk!