Free List of Latin Words for Learners, Teachers and Romance Language Insight

Free Online Latin Word List

Latin Word List is an impressive and free list of common Latin words.

These are listed in alphabetical order and cover many of the terms that have descended into modern languages. This makes the page useful for improving knowledge of any living language that has incorporated these words.

Naturally, it is also very useful for quick reference for Latin learners and a potentially useful resource for Latin teachers to give to students.

Below you will see the website's additional suggestions of how their resource can be useful to you.

Romance Language Learners: Discover the Root of Words

Anyone learning modern Romance languages (see list just below), direct descendents of Latin, can use this page to get clued in on the origin of many words used today.

Ibero-Romance Languages: Portuguese, Galician, Mirandese and Asturian-Leonese, Spanish and Aragonese.

Occitano-Romance Languages: Catalan, Gascon and Occitan.

Gallo-Romance Languages: Langues d'oïl (including French) and Franco-Provençal.

Rhaeto-Romance: Romansh, Ladin and Friulian.

Italo-Romance Languages: Corsican, Italian, Neapolitan and Sicilian.

Romanian: Daco-Romanian, Istro-Romanian, Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian.

Outliers: Sardinian, Venetian and Gallo-Italic languages.

Thanks to Latin Word List

Many thanks for making this Latin language education resources available for free!