A Sinosplice of life for Mandarin learners


SinoSplice is a great resource not only for learning Chinese, but also for other aspects of living in China, especially Shanghai. It is maintained by a guy who has been living in China since 2002 and studied linguistics and works with languages.

For the Mandarin Chinese learners out there, check out the language section of SinoSplice. Among many other things, you will find:

  • Pronunciation of Mandarin: Setting the Record Straight: A response to the glut of bad information on the harder points of the pronunciation of Mandarin.
  • Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills: Exercises developed by John Pasden specifically designed to target problems with the pronunciation of tone combinations.
  • The Process of Learning Tones: If you've decided to learn to speak Chinese and you're anything like me, this is what you can expect.
  • The 5 Stages to Learning Chinese: I have been aniticipating a future in applied linguistics for some time, so I have been very cognizant of the learning processes of myself and others. Here is where I recount them.
  • Chinese Study Book Reviews: Recommendations on books for learning Chinese based on personal experience. These reviews are especially useful for those in China, as many of the books reviewed were bought here.
  • Chinese Vocabulary Lists: A collection of vocabulary lists you won't find in most textbooks. For example, instead of country names in Chinese, you will find Western alcohol names in Chinese.
  • Shanghainese Soundboard: Although it's far from a complete course in Shanghai's dialect, this soundboard should give you some idea of the sound of Shanghainese, with Mandarin for comparison.
  • The Moon Represents My Heart: It would behoove any student of Chinese to learn this classic Chinese song. (In Chinese characters, pinyin, and English.)

There is also a lot more on the site, such as a free, downloadable Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills course.

If nothing else, head over to learn about the stages to learning Mandarin Chinese. It might make you crack a smile.