Adsotrans is a truly amazing resource for Mandarin Chinese language learners of all levels. There is nothing else like it on the web when it comes to reading annotated texts. The dynamic, open nature of the user-driven annotation engine means that the lexicon is constantly evolving with every contributed entry. This enables such aspects of the language as slang, pop culture and important people to be organically maintained by the collective community. Amazing! and the technology behind it amount to a highly-effective manifestation of the power of the web to enable truly dynamic, collective annotation databases. The unique nature of the Mandarin Chinese language has been taken into careful consideration in planning the annotation software, and the results are excellent.

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Adsotrans a resource for speakers of Chinese as a second language. You can find adsotated Chinese texts, Chinese games, and NewsinChinese. Listen to Chinese music, build private vocabulary lists, play customized games, listen to recordings, and do it all in pinyin, traditional or simplified Chinese.

Some materials here are suited for beginners, but most materials cater to intermediate and advanced learners, while some are even at the graduate level. I highly recommend that beginner and intermediate students check out Chinesepod, where I work. I also encourage Linux users to become power Linux users by downloading a copy of the Adso engine. The software will automate pretty much anything you might need to get done with Chinese text.

Like what you see? Learn how to contribute to the Adso project, or let others know about what we are doing by writing a blog post or article to help spread the word. We are a collaborative project and the more exposure we get, the faster we can change the state of Chinese language education, as well as machine annotation, translation and intelligent text processing. On a different note I'm always on the lookout for good texts to annotate, so if you read something particularly engaging please send me an email.

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