Free Chinese Audio Phrasebook, Games and Mobile Apps (Android, iOS) to Learn Basic Chinese for Travel and Living

Learn Chinese Free using Phrases

Surface Languages Chinese offers free tutoring tools online for learning basic Chinese phrases, ranging from your first words to small talk to general topics for getting by and more. Audio of native speakers is provided to ensure that your pronunciation is correct.

Many people enjoy learning language via phrases because of their inherent use (practicality) and as a means to establish a basic foundation on which to build conversations and personal interactions.

Of course, for the traveler only passing through, a general free Chinese phrasebook is always handy!

Finally, in addition to the Chinese audio phrasebook, there are a few simple and fun games for learning colors, fruits, months and basic numbers.

Free iOS App for Learning Chinese Phrases

Surface Languages has also made free apps available for learning Chinese phrases on Android and iOS.

Use these apps on the go to study common phrases in Chinese and be prepared for many everyday situations.

Thanks to Surface Languages

Thank you, Moonface, of Surface Languages for these excellent free Chinese language learning materials!