Free Online Chinese-English Dictionary with Simplified & Traditional Characters, Pinyin, Example Sentences and Wildcard Search

Online Chinese-English Dictionary for Mandarin Learners of all Levels

Pin Pin Chinese Dictionary is a sweet resource for Mandarin Chinese language learners.

This website combines an English-Chinese dictionary with example sentences, synonyms and a wildcard search for finding related words (see below).

The Chinese dictionary is available in both traditional and simplified characters and can easily be changed. You can insert terms in English, Chinese and Pinyin to get results and the site automatically detects which format your are searching in. Very handy!

No user account is necessary to use the website, but you can create an account in order to bookmark terms and participate in the community.

Wildcard Search for Finding Related Words

A nifty feature of Pin Pin Chinese is the ability to find words related to a given character you are learning or looking up. Just type or paste in the character and you can see loads of related words based on that character. This is incredibly useful for learning associations and getting a greater feel for a character's meaning and use.

Thanks Pin Pin!

Many thanks to the folks at Pin Pin Chinese Dictionary for making this incredibly useful tool available to Mandarin Chinese (and English) language learners for free.