Studio Chinese allows learners to engage instantly a realtime education environment for the Chinese language.

Online tools include audio, video, screencasts, exercises, etc. Live, on-demand sessions are also available.

Currently, Studio Chinese is offering a Free Trial Lesson to get the flow going. You can use this an an opportunity to start communicating in minutes with a real Chinese instructor - especially good if you are a total beginner. If you feel good about the lesson, you can continue with a paid subscription.

One noteworthy detail about Studio Chinese's program is that all subscription packages include unlimited connections with live teachers!

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When it comes to Mandarin, speaking is believing.

1. Discover
Each StudioChinese session starts with you discovering the language through an interactive mix of audio, video and exercises. You’ll learn about how to use Mandarin in a specific situation while preparing the material you’ll use when you connect in the live conversation with one of our tutors.

2. Connect
Connecting to your instructor is easy. Log in, press connect, and that’s it – we’ll be there, ready to start your live session. Having live, relaxed conversations is the key to your progress. Moreover, our tutors will guide you without interrupting the flow of the conversation and help you build your own sentences, so you get the most out of your time online.

3. Review
Hearing yourself back shows you where and how to perfect what you’ve learnt. StudioChinese records your conversations, carefully marking and annotating areas to focus on. Hone in on your individual needs, so you can move on quickly and efficiently. If you want, download your conversations to your computer or mp3 player to improve your skills for the next session.

StudioChinese is designed for:

• Students ready to explore China
• Business travelers working in China
• Travelers preparing for ChinaThree simple steps in each session:
• Discover Chinese with online content
• Connect with a native Mandarin speaker
• Review feedback on conversations


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