Xinhuanet News in Chinese


News in Mandarin Chinese straight from the source.

If you are an intermediate to advanced learner of Mandarin Chinese you can really benefit from reading the news.

In addition, they always have videos of the latest news, which is a nice way to practice listening comprehension.

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Sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency, the state and worldwide news agency in China, is a backbone with global influence among key national websites. On the strength of Xinhua's 150 subsidiaries all over China and the world, has formed a global news and information gathering network to provide authoritative, substantial and timely news and information, as well as a large amount of on-the-spot reports, exclusive reports and brilliant multi-media reports. consists of the Beijing head network, 32 local channels throughout China and 10 subsidiary websites of the Xinhua News Agency. With sophisticated technology and equipment, and a safe and reliable system, ranks first in China in the network platform and is known as an "aircraft carrier" for Chinese websites.

Collecting news and information around the world and covering major events at home and abroad, releases news around the clock in seven languages, namely, Chinese (GB, Big5), English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese and updates more than 4,500 news items every day. It is thus known as the 'collector of on-line news and information in China.'



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