This website has an amazing tool for learning about Mandarin Chinese characters, as well as lots of general information about them. It also has a lot of interesting readings, cultural information, links and more.

Definitely worth a visit, particularly for those who are interested in learning about the Chinese writing system.

From Website contains the complete text of Amazon's (sometimes) best-selling and (frequently) best-reviewed : Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary using my character tree system. Distributed by Yale Univ. Press.

Alone among modern languages, Chinese integrates both meaning and pronunciation information in its characters. deciphers this rich information to help students understand, appreciate and remember Chinese characters.

This web site and its associated printed dictionary present a series of zipu or 'character genealogies' which show graphically the close interconnections between over 4000 characters according to the Shuowen Jiezi and subsequent research by traditional etymologists.

Mandarin Chinese Language