The Flashcard Exchange is a great place to find flashcards for use in studying numerous languages. These consist of sets created by the users in the community.

This resource points you to the existing free flashcard sets for learning Persian or Farsi. However, you can also create an account with the Flashcard Exchange and create and organize your own sets for study. Very cool tool!

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Special study features:

* View cards in random order or the order set by the flashcard author.
* Study either side of the flashcard first, quizzing yourself on the reverse side (i.e. show the answer and guess the question).
* Change the font face and font size when studying.
* Use access keys (keyboard shortcuts) to speed up the study session.
* After a study session continue by studying only those flashcards answered incorrectly.
* Use slide show mode to be automatically shown each flashcard at a set interval.
* Automatically monitor the time spent studying.
* Play a game of memory!
* Study off-line.
* Have your flashcards spoken to you by the computer
* Full members can study on your PDA.
* Full members can also use the advanced Leitner study techniques.

Visit the Persian/Farsi Flashcard Sets on Flashcard Exchange.

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