From the site:

"These lessons, immediately called lições to start the process of immersion, are both relatively traditional and somewhat unique in the presentation of the material. They are not as formal as many series, but the format and approach are based on the author's own language-learning experience. The lessons have received welcomed praise from around the world.

You will find new vocabulary scattered throughout the lições. Nouns are given in the form noun (gender) translation. After you learn about gender, it will be marked as a parenthetic abbreviation, masculine as (m.) and feminine as (f.), right along side the noun.

Verbs are cited in the infinitive (to ____) form, e.g. fazer to make, to do. Irregular verbs are marked and discussed in the lessons. Adjectives are given in the masculine singular, e.g. muito much, many. Explanations are typically marked with an asterisk (*). All other words are given in their invariable form, e.g. quando when. The above paragraphs will make more sense to you as you learn the language.

Any differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese are noted in the text, usually in a casual and understandable manner (for example, "Brazilians stick to você, so please do the same when learning Brazilian Portuguese" - from lesson 1)."


These lessons are well thought-out and cover a wide range of material in relatively little time. A great place for people interested in getting started learning the Portuguese language.

Also has a helpful and informative introduction to the site.

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