Online Swedish Audio Flashcard Learning System with Games + Dictionary

Online Swedish Audio Flashcard Learning System with Games + Dictionary

Audio-Visual Swedish language learning system

Learn with Oliver for Swedish, a custom system for Swedish learners, focuses on quick familiarity with words and sentences using audio flashcards.

Manage + learn Swedish vocabulary with existing/custom lists

Existing multimedia vocabulary lists can be used right away. The ability to create personal lists of words and sentences on-the-fly makes this resource useful for Swedish students of all levels.

Integrated Swedish dictionary + annotations

The website has an integrated dictionary that gives explanations of individual terms and includes examples of how these are used in real sentences. In addition, when you view a sentence, you can scroll over the Swedish words and view annotations.

Swedish text analyzer with example sentence context

You can copy and paste any Swedish text you want into the site's Text Analyzer and it provides you with a super useful layout of all the words in the sentence next to their translations/definitions and often includes example sentences to see each term in context.

Swedish sentence of the day email

Something you might find useful is the site's Sentence of the Day email. This sends a different sentence every day complete with a translation of the sentence.

Tests, exercises + games for progress evaluation

Evaluate your Swedish language progress with multiple choice tests, games and writing exercises.

Premium membership unlocks Swedish audio feature

If you upgrade to a premuim membership (very reasonable price) you gain access to the audio for the sentence. In fact, the only thing you cannot do without a membership is hear the audio on the site.

Bravo Oliver for this excellent site and keep up the great work!


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