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It seems that the absolute best way to learn a language is to go to a country where it is spoken - live it and study it, simultaneously. This can be a challenging path to take, but the reward is instant progress, the fastest way from "I don't understand" to "As easy as falling off a log". Traveling, living and studying abroad is an exciting way to learn any language while broadening your cultural awareness.

All the theory, methods, etc., are excellent fodder for your intellectual mind and can lead to a deeper understanding of a language, it's writing system, grammar, pronunciation and the rest. But actually using it everyday as a necessity in a variety of practical social contexts (shopping, transportation, directions, restaurants...) - without interruption and noise from other languages you know - will quickly whip you into shape with the essentials! Supplement that with a number of hours per week spent studying the language with qualified educators, and you will acquire fluency more quickly than any other way.

This is an attempt to provide a small number of links that lead to multitudes of links regarding studying foreign languages abroad. The directories and the links they lead you to cover loads of languages, so this article is included in all the language sections on Free Language.

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