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Wikiversity is a great website for learning about all kinds of topics for free! Among the numerous topics you will find quite a lot of wonderful information about foreign language learning. Literally dozens of languages are represented (see list below) and it's truly a goldmine for those interested in getting started with some general information and often even more.

Also of note: The content on Wikiversity is free and made available under a license called the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. This is great news for teachers who are interested in finding free materials for their classes and students.

From the Centre of Foreign Language Learning

Hello and welcome to the Wikiversity Centre for Foreign Language Learning. Here you may learn foreign languages and explore their cultures, as well as teach others the languages you speak.

The study of the structure of a language and its development is called linguistics. Wikiversity's School of Linguistics is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


At publish time of this article, the following languages are available:

Germanic languages: Afrikaans, English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian

Romance languages: Latin, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish

Languages of South America: Quechua

Slavic languages: Czech, Polish, Russian

Celtic languages: Irish, Brythonic Celtic Languages Division (Breton, Cornish, Welsh)

Indo-Iranian languages: Hindi, Persian

Finno-Ugric languages: Finnish, Hungarian

Turkic languages: Turkish, Azerbaijani

East Asian languages: Japanese, Korean

Sino-Tibetan languages: Tibetan, Chinese

Austro-Asiatic languages: Vietnamese

Tai-Kadai languages: Thai

South Asian languages: Bengali

Afro - Asiatic languages: Luganda

Niger Congo / Bantu languages: Sesotho

Semitic languages: Arabic, Hebrew

Other languages: Albanian, Basque, Greek (also Ancient Greek)

Constructed languages: Esperanto, Klingon, Novial, Turoke

Tolkienesque languages: Quenya, Sindarin