Fixoodle: Learn a Foreign Language for Free While Helping Other Learners

Post, Fix, Request and Socialize your Way to Success in a Foreign Language

Fixoodle is a social network for learning languages while helping others learn as well.

Fixoodle is based on user collaboration to "fix" user content submissions in the form of short texts no longer than 1,000 characters. The interface does the job of effectively showing what has been originally submitted, what has been corrected and what the current version of a piece of content is.

Social networking basics such as groups, messaging, video uploads and friend functions are provided for free by Fixoodle.

About Fixoodle

What is Fixoodle?

Fixoodle is a language learning community where people studying languages can help each other to learn.


Post in the language you are trying to learn then sit back and wait for people to correct your writing. Learn from your mistakes and see how a native speaker might write the same thing.


Fix the errors people make in posts written in your native language. Posts are limited to 1000 characters, so no single post would take long for a native speaker to fix. Fixes are automatically highlighted -- you don't need to do anything to point them out to users. Make sure you fix the whole post. Fixing is an all-or-nothing process so posters won't have to guess which sentences you corrected and which you didn't. Plus, as a reward for fixing, any posts you make are displayed higher up in the list of posts waiting for fixes.


Request a translation of a short text from or to a language you are studying.

Translate short pieces of text (up to 350 characters) that people have requested. Translation is a great way to learn languages. Don't worry if you aren't perfect -- this is social translation. You can learn from how other people translate, too.


Through posting, fixing, requesting, and translating, the goal is to learn other languages and have a little fun while you are at it.


Fixoodle has groups, messaging, videos, and friend functions so that you can get to know people from other countries, find language partners, start languages exchanges, and get connected.