Free Multimedia Flashcard Software

Vertical Garden

Looks perhaps like one half of a flashcard?

Free Multimedia Software

Anki is a tool for language learners of all levels. It is Free Software based on the enhanced memorization concept behind spaced repetition.

Spaced Science

Spaced repetition allows learners to acquire and memorize new material faster and more efficiently by spacing the material out in such a way that unfamiliar material appears more often to reinforce learning and familiar material is reviewed less frequently. It seems like a simple concept because it is!

Deft Daft

However, just because it is simple in concept doesn't mean it's easy to put into practice. This is where Anki comes in, giving you a free software tool for creating multimedia flashcards. Then, once you set the software into motion and begin learning, Anki manages the spaced repetition for you - all you have to do is spend time using the software to learn new material.

Like an Old Friend

Anki has been around for years and has been a go-to tool for language learners as well as anyone needing to memorize materials for any purpose. The enhancements over the years have come to include the use of multimedia material in the flashcards, allowing for images, video and scientific notation to reside seamlessly with text. Extremely useful for the self-motivated language learner!

Goes with You

Anki's cross-platform compatibility means you can create flashcards on your laptop and review them on your phone while on the go. Anki allows you to store your data and access it across all devices via AnkiWeb. AnkiWeb is both an online interface for using Anki on any Web browser and a way to manage your data in one place, for free.

Create or Use Existing Material

To view more options for spaced repetition, please view this great list of SRS tools for language learners.