HelloTalk Social Language Exchange App

HelloTalk Social Language Exchange App

Meet people + learn languages

HelloTalk is a free app for social language exchange.

Works on iOS + Android

It is available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

Easy Exchanges

The idea behind the app is to foment easy language exchange. Launch the app and meet people who speak your target language and want to learn your native language. Through text chat and voice chat, you can share your knowledge and learn from a native speaker for free. You can also share photos.

Simple yet Feature Rich

Since this article was originally published, many new features have been added to HelloTalk as it has grown into a worldwide user base of millions!

  • Now available on Android OS.
  • Tap any message for following functions to 80+ languages: Translation, Text to Speech, Transliteration and Voice to Text
  • Mark favorite text, voice, or voice with text messages for language study.

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Learn languages your way

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