The Language Matrix with Tony Marsh: Fast Track

Greetings fast trackers!

Welcome to the fast tracked 8-day Free Language Matrix Course with Tony Marsh.

Just use the links or images below to watch all eight videos. (Right click them to download.)

All the videos are between six and seven minutes long.

Video 1

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Video 2

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Video 3

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Video 4

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Video 5

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Video 6

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Video 7

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Video 8

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Who is Tony Marsh?

Check out my podcast interview with Tony to discover who Tony is and what's behind his method.

More languages

If you're learning languages other than Arabic, English, Portuguese or Spanish, click here to check out my recommendation for complete language learning kits for over 34 languages.

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Learn languages your way

Free Language Coaching Award

DAY 1: Break free of a big misconception

DAY 2: Steer clear of huge wastes of time

DAY 3: Discover a world of learning tools

DAY 4: Nurture what's natural for you

DAY 5: Overcome the most common fears

DAY 6: Build lasting memory and recall

DAY 7: Understand when people speak fast

DAY 8: Create your own language roadmap