Summary is a quality podcast for learning the Arabic language. The audio podcast lessons are free! and two levels of membership are also available for a nominal price. These include transcriptions of the lessons and additional study materials.

Lessons are well-structured and tackle many difficult aspects of learning the Arabic language, such as difficult letters to pronounce and cultural idiomatic expressions. Meet the teachers here. also has a number of videos available. Most of these are for paid subscribers but there are also some for free. You will also find a forum on the website. If you are a premium member, you have access to a place to share documents, images, links and more with other users.

The dialect taught on this podcast is "common colloquial" Arabic, common across all Arabic dialects, as well as Standard Arabic. Read more about this.

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What is ArabicPod?

ArabicPod is a website dedicated to providing the most innovative and effective methods for learning Arabic. We use the latest technologies in web 2.0 to provide a rich learning experience delivering podcasts, videos, games and much more.

Where is it based?

ArabicPod is based in London. If you’re around town, then why don’t you contact us and arrange to meet the ArabicPod team or even join us as a guest in some of our lessons.

Is it free?

All of our audio podcasts can be freely listened to and downloaded. For most of the other content, there is a subscription fee which is setup to cover the costs of running the website.

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