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This is a great site to get some quick information about Gulf Arabic. The free information covers the basics for beginning Arabic learners.

There is also a registered users section which presumably offers more information.

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Gulf Arabic in a Nutshell:

Gulf Arabic is hereby defined as the dialect of Arabic native to the Arab nationals of the Gulf countries, such as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Southern Iraq (around Basra) and to a lesser extent Oman. It is not a written but a spoken language. Literary Arabic, also called Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is used in the press, on TV, radio, etc. and in governmental official proceedings, is not spoken colloquially by Gulf Arabs. In day-to-day affairs, Gulf Arabs use their mother tongue - Gulf Arabic.

About the Gulf Arabic Online course for Beginners -

In order to make good progress, you should start first with the section on pronunciation. Keep the mouse pointer over an earphone icon until the recording of the Arabic words or phrases is over. No need to click. No translation to the words is given in this first section, since that is not important at this stage. Try to imitate the words you hear as closely as possible.

You should then proceed to working on V.2.x ('x' standing for the second digit in the designation) and G.2.x Then, V.3.x, and G.3.x, etc.

Only parts of the course are available to non-members. Registration is free, so feel free to sign up, and have your access codes sent to your e-mail address right away (check you Bulk folder as well!).

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