Free Online Arabic Course for Beginners

Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language with a Study Plan

LAFLWSP (Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language with a Study Plan) offers a free online course for beginner learners of Arabic.

The beginner's course covers a lot of the basics in a 16-lesson introduction. Once you've completed the intro, you can delive into some areas of interest specific to Arabic, including:

  • The Most 107 Important Arabic Verbs
  • The Right Way To Write Letters
  • Syntactic Cases
  • Phrases, Phrases, Phrases
  • Our Romaji System
  • The Five Nouns
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Machine Name In Arabic Language
  • The Difference Between Preventing and Negation
  • Adding Pronouns To The Dual And The Masculine Plural
  • Diacritical Marks
  • Formulating Breaking Plural Nouns


LAFLWSP is an abbreviation of Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language With a Studied Plan. This site offers a series of eighteen main lessons and unlimited complementary lessons are teaching Arabic language for free & it’s dedicated to non-native Arabic speaker with new, easy & well-organized style. This series develops seven skills you have which are reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and for the first time inflection and rhetoric .Every main lesson develops three skills at least and it is consolidated by audio lesson. Moreover, I hope you enjoy our services in this site.