Online Superpowered English Learning System for Web, Android + iOS

Online Superpowered English Learning System for Web, Android + iOS

(I've been writing about and using busuu for years now - it's time to revisit this amazing language learning system as it has evolved leaps and bounds.)

Superpowered English language learning system

It sounds too good to be true, but you can actually get a whole university semester's worth of English done in just 22.5 hours using this superpowered learning system!

busuu is redefining the way you learn English

busuu is redefining the way people like you are approaching the rewarding yet daunting task of learning English.

The English course material is crafted by language education experts, designed for beginner to advanced learners and covers all the basics including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

As a English learner on busuu, you are supported by other learners and native speakers who offer corrections and general help as well as social interaction.

All this in a single platform that helps you track your progress, feeds you busuu berries + motivating awards and that you can access anytime you have a spare moment with your smartphone.

busuu has 60+ million users and growing

For all the languages they offer, busuu is now up to 60+ million users (!) and this is particularly key because this system allows you to practice your newly-learned English skills with real native speakers right through their interface.

This massive user base means you have access to loads of native English speakers. You'll also be part of a worldwide community and have open doors to friends from across the globe who speak many different languages inlcuding English!

Of course, as you progress in English you can also help others and give back to the community. By doing so, you earn points in the system and get special badges showing how much you've learned and contributed.

English language apps for Android + iOS

Access busuu online or via Android and iOS apps that are free to download.

This is especially handy if, for example, you've just finished a morning English language learning session on your laptop and want to continue right where you left off while commuting to school or work, just fire up the app and jump right back in.

busuu's award-winning English apps keep you learning and progressing both at home and on-the-go - and it's all tracked for you so you can visualize your progress the whole way.

busuu proven more effective than Duolingo + Rosetta Stone

The busuu system was proven to teach students faster than both Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. (Detailed report here.)

Specifically, in 22.5 hours you can achieve the same results that take 34 hours with Duolingo and 55 hours with Rosetta Stone.

When just 22.5 hours of busuu is equivalent to a whole semester of university language study, you know you are dealing with a superpowered English learning tool!

And you don't have to lug books to a class in a building somewhere specific - you can learn with your laptop or smartphone anywhere, though I don't suggest doing it underwater without the proper equipment.

Try busuu free + start learning English in minutes

We've gone through what makes busuu an amazing English learning platform... now it's time to give it a try at no cost to you.

Get busuu English now for free online or on your phone or tablet with Android and iOS. You'll be up and learning in just a couple of minutes.


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