A really solid site for learning French for beginners to advanced students.

This site also has a self-contained French course for total beginners that is well done.

From Website

French Steps - A self-contained beginners online course

* Topics
* Grammar
* Fast track
* Pronunciation
* Vocabulary
* User guide

Quick Fix
Printable holiday phrases with audio and mp3 download.

Talk French
A video-based online resource with activities plus TV series and book

The French Experience
A longer course with TV series, book and website

For schools
Primary, GCSE Bitesize, AS/A2

Online resources developed to match the UK national curricula
Vingt Minutes

TV transcripts
Books, DVDs, CDs
BBC Active

Information on resources available from online or high-street shops

Ma France - a video introduction to French

Improve your basic French in 24 interactive video units

* Broadband version
* Narrowband version
* Grammar
* Vocabulary

More advanced
Brand new interactive crosswords for intermediates

Cool French
Mp3 audio guide to slang

Le Mensuel
Audio reports with transcripts by topic or language focus

The French Experience 2
A TV course with book and website

La Vie en Creuse
Audio interviews on French rural life

French for Work
Information and practice

The French Connection
A look at French around the world

Tour de France
Essential phrases
French Journey

TV transcripts of an all-French version of travel documentary France Inside Out

Visit BBC Languages French.

French Language Resources