Easy French Poetry Podcast


A very nice idea and a good podcast. This is just what it sounds like: a way to learn French while enjoying poetry.

Camille does a good job of making this interesting and effective. She teaches French in Boston and has lots of experience doing this. Her experience shows in the way that she structures the podcasts.

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"Here are some suggestions on how to use this podcast:

If you are an intermediate, this is a great tool to better your understanding. Use the translation as a last resort ; repeat the podcast as many time as necessary till you do understand everything. If you are really stuck on something, the list of vocabulary on each podcast page - which covers the entire podcast - should help. And of course, better your pronounciation by reapeating the slow recording of the poem.

If you are a beginner, listen to the poem while reading the French text. See how each word is pronounced. Study the translation and the list of vocabulary to prepare yourself for the rest of the podcast. Then, listen to it a couple of time, and see how much you understand.

If you are advanced, you can skip the text explanation, and concentrate on the analysis, the life of the author and the fast pronunciation of the poem, and use my impecable (!!!! just kidding :-) pronunciation to improve your accent. You can also use the slow reading of the poem as a dictation."

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