Free French Language Exchange + Professional Online French Teachers

Get help from native French speakers in trade for your native language skills

iTalki is a long-standing player in the social language learning space. It is one of the largest language exchange communities in the world and there are loads of native French speakers waiting to share their language with you in exchange for help learning your native language - for free.

Finding a French language partner is easy + free

iTalki has developed an intuitive interface for finding French exchange partners (along with dozens and dozens more languages) which makes it quick and easy to locate, contact and quickly begin sharing with them.

French exchange by voice/audio + video calls

Once you connect with a French speaker on iTalki, you can then initiate a live conversation with them via voice and video calls directly over the Internet. Depending on both of your connection speeds, you can use either audio or video!

Massive user base, huge French language exchange potential

iTalki has such an expansive user base that the chances of you finding a French language exchange partner is incredibly high, no matter what your native language is. English - being such an international language and a worldwide business lingua franca - is of course in high demand.

One-on-one professional French tutor

All that said, you do need to take into account the fact that not all French language partners are equal and many people - though native French speakers themselves - might not be truly effective at helping you learn.

Enter the iTalki French tutoring program, a non-free but also not necessarily expensive option for those seeking to get qualified, professional help learning French online.

View, compare + rate French language tutors

The iTalki interface allows you to see feedback about French tutors as well as compare the prices at which they offer their services.

You can even get a free trial with many tutors first in order to see if they will be a good match for you.

Recommend iTalki to friends + get credit for free French tutoring

By sharing a special link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums as well as your website/blog (if you have one), you can earn iTalki credit (ITC) which can be redeemed for free French tutoring sessions.

When you join iTalki for free, you will immediately be able to create a unique link to share. (After joining, go here to learn how to make links.) When friends click this link, iTalki knows you sent them and will apply credit to your account.

French language learning articles

iTalki offers a variety of language learning articles, many of which are applicable to French.

Try iTalki for free today + be practicing French within minutes

The easiest and fastest way to get started practicing French free or with a professional tutor is to create a free account and search for partners or professional tutors.