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Sebastien creates an interesting and useful podcast. Included are musical interludes, which spice up the podcast and also provide some good French music material for the listening.

Also included - and very helpful - are review sheets, audio exercises, paper exercises and even videos that show and explain the vocabulary! All of this makes for a very well-rounded podcast that is suitable for many learning levels.

Bravo Sebastien!

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The FrenchPodClass started because I was looking to improve my Spanish. I was looking for a class or else that was available in iTunes. By curiosity I looked to see if there were any in French. As you know, at that time, there were none.

That is when I decided to make one myself. I am not a teacher but I like to share my knowledge and experience with people. I assumed that there would be at least one or two people that would be interested.

There is no necessary language level to follow this podcast. I try to make it interesting for everyone (the advanced, the beginner, the curious ...). I also try to make it accessible, so anyone can join in the middle of the course.

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