About the Lille Podcast

Lille Podcast is a hip, home-brewed podcast by a guy in Lille, France. Topics cover everything from camping and moving around in France to music and free time.

Free transcriptions of the audio content are provided.

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Lille podcast brings you French courses at home or anywhere you are. With just one click, you have access to our files for free! Click on: "CLIQUER ICI POUR TELECHARGER LE PODCAST" and download files onto your computer. You can play them with your favorite MP3-player and read the text of each episode on the web site. This is a 3-levels learning method: - First level: the text is read slowly - Second level: each underlined word is explained slowly - Third level: the text is read at a normal speech speed. Of course, the whole course is in French. This show is for advanced learners. Enjoy it ! ;)

J'ai une formation en ressources humaines et en communication. Je suis intéressé par la linguistique et l'apprentissage des langues en général. Je travaille dans le secteur marketing.

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