This is a professional podcast for learning the French language for learners of all levels. It is updated regularly and lessons are catered to beginning, intermediate and advanced learners separately. The audio lessons are available for free, and the lesson guides and other materials are available on a subscription basis.

The lessons are very practical and cover things that you would actually need to use in real life. What a concept! Some examples are reserving a table at a restaurant, renting skis, hotel issues, finding lost keys, canceled meetings, Internet, vegetarian meals and more.

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Learn French by Podcast is an easy way - in fact, we like to think it is the easiest way - of learning French. The LFBP course consists of...

1. "Podcasts" (i.e. the audio lessons)

The term "podcasts", in our case, refers to our audio lessons. These episodes are the core of our French course and are accessible here. You can listen to them either via your computer's speakers or download and transfer them to your portable mp3 player. The latter option, of course, gives you the opportunity of learning on-the-move.

2. PDF Lesson Guides

A comprehensive Lesson Guide (in PDF format) accompanies each lesson. Access to our Guides requires that you register. You could, if you wish, just listen to our lessons indefinitely. But there is no doubt whatever that the PDF Guides will give you a much clearer understanding of everything you hear in the audio lessons, and generally give a "wider perspective". As well as containing a complete transcript of the dialogue in each lesson, the Guides go into much greater detail - "fine-tuning" grammatical points, focusing on idiomatic expressions, additional vocabulary, cultural issues, and more.

Who is LFBP for?

Anyone who is interested in learning French or brushing up on French that has been "sidelined" for a while. We now have people downloading our lessons from over 80 countries, in all corners of the world. Our lessons are categorised into "beginner" and "intermediate" (with "advanced" lessons to come later). Why not go ahead and try our lessons now, here.

What's different about LFBP?

The method we use is unlike what you see in other courses. We take very specific, real-life situations, and see what vocabulary is required to work through that situation. We don't try to have our listeners wade through lists of vocabulary which, by definition, are unintuitive. We don't communicate via lists, nor should we learn by them.

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