Learn French Wikibook

Free Online Wiki Portal for Learning French

Wikibooks is a great idea. Like Wikipedia, Wikibooks consists of content that is public domain. That means that anything there is reusable in any fashion, such as for teaching.

The Wikibook for learning French contains free lessons for several skill levels. There is grammar information including adjectives, adverbs, gender, negation, preposition, pronouns, sentences, tenses and verbs. There are also several texts which are used for instruction.

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Once upon a time, on a Wikimedia server far, far, away, a Wikibook was born! The Wikibook was happy, for it was to teach the beautiful French language to thousands of eager Wikipedians and would expand and grow every year, until it would a complete adult Wikibook. But then, what was once this hope-filled young Wikibook becames a lonely book sitting in the darkest corner of the Wikibooks database. Why was this book lonely? This Wikibook, with the unendearing name of "French", was hardly larger than an escargot, and had all its pages in disarray scattered throughout its kingdom. For two years, nothing was done to end this Wikibook's plight. Until one day, a handsome new Wikipedian decided to take on the task of restoring order to this kingdom. In only a matter of days, order was restored and templated, and the Wikibook was happy once again.