BBC Languages German


BBC Languages German provides solid learning resources for beginning and intermediate German learners. There is a self-contained beginner's course, a 12-week newsletter course and multiple video resources, a TV series and a book!

The BBC has done an amazing job of providing free learning resources for many of the world's languages, including Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and others.

This is a great site for total beginners to start learning practical German that will serve while traveling in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

From Website

Quick Fix: Printable holiday phrases with audio and mp3 download

For Beginners

German Steps: A self-contained online course

German in 12 Weeks: Sign up for weekly emails with tips and encouragement

Talk German: A video-based online resource with activities plus TV series and book


Cool German: An audio guide to German slang with mp3 downloads

German for Work: Information and practice for those using German at work

Other resources

Deutsch Plus: A longer TV course with book and website

German across Europe: A historical and geographical profile of the language

Germany Inside Out: Website complementing TV travel documentary

Visit BBC Languages German.

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