Play your way to fluency in Japanese with revolutionary apps for iOS, Android + Web

Play your way to fluency in Japanese with revolutionary apps for iOS, Android + Web

Cutting edge Japanese learning with apps, VR + AR

If you're searching for a cutting edge way to learn Japanese, you are in luck. Mondly is reinventing the language learning space by creating unique ways for Japanese learners to dive into a world of language immersion.

I worked out a 90% discount on Mondly's lifetime membership for Free Language fans. That's $99 instead of $999 for permanent access to 33 languages and counting!

After creating a wildly popular app (30+ million downloads in 190+ countries) for iOS and Android, Mondly has gone on to create two breakthrough firsts in language education: the first VR (virtual reality) language learning experience with voice recognition and Chatbot technology and the first AR (augmented reality) language app with speech recognition.

Wow! Curious? Read on to discover much more about this one-of-a-kind mobile Japanese learning service...

Check out my Free Language Podcast interview with Mondly's CEO, Alex Iliescu!

Play your way to fluency in Japanese

Mondly is a revolutionary way to learn Japanese right from the comfort of your phone or computer. It takes you on a gamified Japanese language journey designed around real-life situations like ordering food in a restaurant, dealing with emergencies and going on vacation - to name just a few.

Mondly covers beginner, intermediate and advanced Japanese proficiency levels, sports an easy-to-use customizable dashboard plus world class multilingual speech recognition technology. Mondly allows you to synchronize your Japanese learning between all devices (iOS, Android and Web).

Focus on useful Japanese phrases rather than individual words

Mondly takes you beyond learning Japanese vocabulary by focusing your learning time on high-frequency phrases that are immediately useful in real life.

Learn Japanese by listening to native speakers

Mondly works with professional native Japanese speakers to provide you with authentic pronunciations and natural accents.

Practice real Japanese conversations

The Mondly method aims to get you immersed in Japanese ASAP using chatbots, AR and VR, removing the stress of speaking with actual people until you're already comfortable conversing.

This single feature is key in overcoming the fear of speaking Japanese before you dive in head first with natives - great for folks who are nervous about speaking Japanese and want to get practice in a nearly-real-life way without the extra stress of being on the spot.

Retain more Japanese using a unique spaced repetition system

Mondly's technology uses tested and effective intervals for repetition to help you acquire Japanese fluency not only quickly but permanently.

Enjoy shiny new Japanese lessons daily

The Mondly team works tirelessly to provide 20+ million active and ecstatic learners with new Japanese lessons every single day!

Japanese language learning categories and lessons

Instead of having a linear approach to Japanese, Mondly is highly-customizable and allows you to select topics that are of immediate interest or need to you rather than having to muck through a bunch of stuff you will likely never use.

Depending on your needs, you can select and choose from a wide variety of categories to get started learning Japanese. These general categories include Family, Country & Languages, Travel, Vacation Activities, Public Transportation, Seasons & Weather, Romance, Core Vocabulary, Preparing a Trip, Airport, Business, Restaurant, Hotel, Fun, Bank, City Tour, Doctor, Help, Animals, Colors & Numbers, Fruits & Food, Parts of the Body and more.

Japanese learning statistics and leaderboard

Often when learning Japanese, we forget just how much we have progressed already and this can lead to frustration and potential abandonments of The Japanese Dream. With Mondly, this is unlikely to happen! Their interface includes a nifty statistics section to keep you informed of exactly what you've learned and how much progress you are making.

In addition, you can challenge yourself to level up with other Mondly Japanese learners using the leaderboard - this can be an excellent source of motivation and provides a way for you to compare yourself to others learning Japanese all around the world. Who knows, you could be the next #1 spot on the Japanese leaderboard!

The coolest bonus with Mondly Japanese

If you're like me and your language learning goals go beyond just learning Japanese, Mondly is a top choice as they offer a single affordable price that gives you access to all 30+ available languages.

This means if you go ahead and subscribe to Mondly Japanese now, you will immediately get access to dozens of other languages as well!

Not only that, the ability to select both the language you want to learn in and the target language you are learning allows you to create custom combinations that fit your specific needs. If you're not a native English speaker, this could be just the thing you've been looking for, as you can choose to learn Japanese from your native language rather than learning from English - and considerably improve the results you get from the time you spend playing your way to Japanese fluency.

In case you're curious, this nifty feature allows for an astounding 1056 language course combinations in one product!

Mondly is changing the way millions of people learn Japanese and 30+ other languages!

  • 33 languages available
  • 500,000+ reviews on the App Store and Google Play with 4.7/5 rating
  • 2017 Facebook app of the year in Europe, The Middle East and Africa
  • Best New App in the App Store in January 2016
  • MondlyVR is the first Virtual Reality language learning app with speech recognition in the world
  • MondlyAR is the first Augmented Reality language learning app with speech recognition in the world
  • MondlyKIDS was selected as "Editor's Choice" on Google Play in late-2017

Words straight from Mondly's CEO, Alex Iliescu

Being selected as an Editors' Choice app by Google is an acknowledgement of the quality language experience we are offering learners worldwide with Mondly.

Our long-term commitment is to bring learners one step closer to fluency effortlessly through a mix of innovative technology, breathtaking design and an outstanding learner experience.

Here's what Facebook says

Mondly is the first company to launch a VR experience for learning languages with speech recognition and chatbot technology.

Join 30+ million users - start learning with Mondly today

Check out this revolutionary Japanese language learning app.

Available for iOS, Android and Web

Take your Japanese learning everywhere across devices and on your computer - Mondly is available for them all.

I worked out a 90% discount on Mondly's lifetime membership for Free Language fans. That's $99 instead of $999 for permanent access to 33 languages and counting!


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