Free Russian for Beginners

Free online total beginner Russian course

Russian for Beginners Level I is a free course from Udemy instructed by Dr. Goultchira Chakirova.

15 lectures and 1 hours of video

This course gives you an overview of why to learn Russian, 16 downloads including vocabulary cards, the basics of grammar and the alphabet plus an explanation of articles, adjectives and genders of the Russian nouns.

The free vocabulary cards include names of colors, question words, numbers, months, days of the week and family related words.

Construct your first sentences

Learn to introduce yourself and construct your first sentences in Russian, for free.

For total newbies

These lessons are appropriate for total beginners and those planning a trip to Russia for business travel or tourism.

Free apps, too

Udemy is an online platform whose mission is "to help anyone learn anything". All of their courses can be done online as well as on Android and iOS.