RusPod: A Podcast for Learning Russian by Discovering Russia

Easygoing Audio Lessons plus Grammar Review, Cultural Tips and Exercises

RusPod is a new podcast for learning Russian by learning about Russia and Russian culture.

Each show is hosted by a professional Russian teacher, and co-hosted by someone whose job is to help you remember more easily and to make the learning process fun.

This podcast starts at total beginner level and carries students through an advanced level, and is a good way to learn the real Russian spoken "on the street" and "in the office" rather than often dry textbook-style approaches.

There are some lessons offered for free, including meeting a Russian woman. These give you an idea about how the learning system is designed and to get acquainted with the hosts. If you decide to continue from there, the cost is incredibly low at around six cents (USD) per lesson.

About RusPod

With RusPod you learn both Russian and Russia. We are Russians living in Moscow and we will tell you all the important things about both the country and the language.

With RusPod you get a structured course. Our professional teachers have a special programme for every level. From Survival to Basic, you get all that you need step by step. Our system of progress and rate keeps you aware of your success. You can also see the lessons you've completed, the ones you haven't finished yet and what lesson we suggest you do next.

It's mobile. Learn on the go and enjoy results! Subcribe to our podcasts and get two or three new episodes per week for each level. Study when and where you are comfortable.

Every episode two Russian hosts lead you through the tricky Russian grammar and vocabulary and then tell you some interesting and useful stuff about Russia.

One of the hosts, Masha or Tanya, is a professional teacher of Russian who prepares lessons for you according to a special program and explains you new rules step by step. The second host, Nikita, helps you to keep all these things in your head and tries to make your studies more entertaining and easy.
All our hosts are Moscow residents, so RusPod gives you a deep insight into nowadays everyday life in Russia.